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Free ringtones download this time is nothing else but the Mantra Bahubali ringtones. Mantra Bahubali is the theme song in the movie “8-year-old bride” and is loved to this day, Bollywood lovers still remember it. From the name that made the audience feel curious about “Mantra Bahubali” – an excellent ARRahman male song (mp3 ringtones).


Mantra Bahubali talks about Anandi living alone in a railroad track, which brings together the individual and poor parts of society. Because of independence from the small here, she has a playful personality, strong, handsome legs but very nice and straightforward.

Lyrics: Mantra Bahubali.

Jata kataha sambhramabrama nillimpa nirjari,
Vilola veechi vallari viraja mana moordhani,
Dhaga dhaga daga jjwala lalata patta paavake,
Kishora Chandra shekare rathi prathi kshanam mama

The Spiritual river is moving through his entangled, knotted hair
Strands of hair are like huge waves
His Forehead is shining brilliantly like fire
The crescent of moon on his head i an adornment
It gives me immense pleasure and my love for him grows every second

Yevvadanta Yevvadanta ninnu yeththukundhi?
Ye thalliki puttado ee nandhi kaani nadhi
Yevvaru kanandhi, Yevvaru vinandhi
Shivuni aana ayyindhemo?!
Ganga dhariki lingame kadhilosthaanandhi

Don’t know who is hoisting/lifting you
Don’t know who has given birth to this apparent gatekeeper of Lord Shiva and Parvathi
Probably this is something that no one has ever seen or ever listened to
It could’ve been the command of Lord Shiva
Linga itself is coming to river Ganges

Dara darendra nandini vilasa bhandhu bhandura,
Sphuradigantha santhathi pramodha mana manase,
Krupa kadaksha dhorani niruddha durdharapadi,
Kwachi digambare mano vinodhamethu vasthuni

He is accompanied by thesuppoter of earth, daughter of mountain
With the force of dance the horizon is shaking,waves are entering the mind
The graceful glance could remove unrestrainable hardships
Makes my mind take pleasure in him who wears the directions as apparel

Jada bhujanga pingala sphurath phana mani prabha,
Kadamba kumkuma drava praliptha digwadhu mukhe,
Madhandha sindhura sphurathwagu utthariya medhure,
Mano vinodhamadhbutham bibarthu bhootha bharthari.

With the shining gem on his mantle
Of the serpent entangling his matted hair
He is with his wife whose face is adorned with red saffron
He wears the mantle of ferocious elephant on his shoulder
It gives me immense gratification in him who is the lord of Souls.

Yevvadanta Yevvadanta ninnu yeththukundhi?
Ye thalliki puttado ee nandhi kaani nadhi
Yevvaru kanandhi, Yevvaru vinandhi
Shivuni aana ayyindhemo?!
Ganga dhariki lingame kadhilosthaanandhi.

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