Top 5 bollywood ringtones hotest 2018 for mobile phone

Indian music in general as well as Bollywood ringtones in particular as part of Indian history and culture. Indian music reflects accurately the characteristics of the people, culture, customs and geography of India, stretching through the history of the country. Bollywood ringtones with beautiful and attractive melodies over time have fooled many fans. Here are some of the best Bollywood ringtones for the first few months of 2018!

1: Jab Tum Aa Jaate Ho Saamne ringtones.

Jab Tum Aa Jaate Ho Saamne mp3 is a ringtone (theme song) in Bollywood’s popular film Maharaija (1988). Jab Tum Aa Jaate Ho Saamne Artist Ringtones by Kavita Krishnamurthy ft Sonu Nigam. Song Lyricists by Sameer & in the category Bollywood mp3 ringtones free download.


The song is simple but contains the deep emotional meaning of couples who love each other in the past and present. With the cheers of the audience and the ringtone downloads, this song has really exploded on the ringtones downloads not only in India but also in neighboring countries.

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2: Khali khali dil ko ringtones.

“Khali khali dil ko” is the famous song by the talented composer ARRahman about the beautiful country of India. The song was born after the country was peaceful and independent. The song (bollywood mp3 ringtones free download) Khali khali dil is not well received by the people of India.


Any child who is far from home country of India when listening to this song can not help but remember his heart and love the homeland to earnest. The lyrics of this song (Khali khali dil ko) of ARRahman when it comes to is the image of homeland appear with deep pride through the love story of men and women. This song has been cut by Bestringtones so that you can easily set as latest bollywood ringtones for your phone. Listen and feel and then quickly put the ringtone Khali khali dil this phone for offline!

3: Tera jaisa yaar inst ringtones.

Tera jaisa yaar inst is a new music product of the category Bollywood ringtones, which continues to be a sad Bollywood ringtone but the artists invest heavily in both sound and lyrics.


Currently, Tera jaisa yaar inst ringtones has reached over 10,000 downloads on the music downloads Bestringtones and topped the list, constantly keeping high rankings on the download page ringtone.

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4: Tu dua hai ringtones.

“Tu dua hai” (2018) is the most successful album in Indian male vocalist Darshan Raval. In the album, the song that was loved by most Indian and international listeners was the title song – “Darshan Raval”.

These two ringtones are considered a landmark in Bollywood ringtones (Mobile free ringtones download bollywood), making the world known and considered as a distinct genre with many impressive musical characteristics.

Soon after the debut song, Darshan Raval became the most prominent face of Indipop. The song “Tu dua hai” was so successful that male singer Darshan Raval came out with the same name. The lyrics revolve around the feelings of a young man who has traveled the world searching for a girl with a good heart. Finally that girl is no other, is a girl “Tu dua hai”.


Contextual MV is like a fairy tale, in which male singer Darshan Raval appears as a prince. He denies all those who come from different countries, and finally he is only willing to choose his girlfriend “Tu dua hai”.

“Darshan Raval” ringtones have also become one of India’s best-selling Bollywood albums of all time. Indian singer Darshan Raval has also become famous, not only in India but also in many countries. other in the world. “Tu dua hai” marks the beginning of Indian music when it comes to conquering the world music market.

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5: Atif Aslam new ringtones.

The love that you give him is sent back through the nostalgia, time passes as fast as drunken sunburn that the distance between us stars too far? CCCC ringtone as a word of love for lovers are aware of the rift in their feelings, the two of them decided to leave each other then the remembrance as the pain carved into the heart. the enemy and himself. Is not love completely gone, but it just moved from one person to another. Let’s feel the CCC ringtone this!


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